Why we should boycott Russian products

Aug 3 2013
The boycott of Russian products such as vodka is the correct response to the anti-gay laws in Russia. Next year, which is 2014, we should boycott and protest the Winter Olympics in Russia. We should not care if we offend Russians. Russia is one of the most conservative countries in Europe. Russia has been becoming increasingly conservative since the break up of the Soviet Union in 1991. The anti-gay laws in Russia are part of this conservative trend. Russia is an empire. Russia tries to dominate world politics. Russia threatens the world with nuclear weapons, ICBMs, stealth bombers and other high-tech weapons. It would be good for the world if the Russian state collapsed. The first ethnic Russians, who lived near Moscow around 1,000 AD, were white people from Scandinavia and Eastern Europe. Around the year 1500 AD ethnic Russians spread out from the Moscow region and began invading and colonizing large parts of Asia and Europe.
The Russians killed millions of indigenous people in the vast region now called Russia during the Russian colonization of Asia between 1500 and 1900. The remaining indigenous people were forced to abandon their own culture, were forced to speak Russian and were forced to practice Christianity. Before the year 1500 most of the land that is now part of Russia was occupied by non-Russian indigenous people. Russia is an empire that is held together by brute force. When indigenous people try to secede from Russia they get killed. The Chechens are an indigenous people in the Caucasus region of Russia. During the 1990s the Russian military killed thousands of Chechens after the Chechens declared independence from Russia. The Russians crushed the Chechen independence movement. Chechen territory is still part of Russia. Russian culture was built on the extermination and oppression of indigenous people. Russia is a racist settler state. Russia is white supremacist. Ethnic Russians have lighter skin, hair and eyes than the indigenous people in Russia. Ethnic Russians have more money and power than the indigenous people in Russia. The Russian government is controlled by ethnic Russians. When people of color visit Russia sometimes they get attacked by racist, homophobic thugs. Russia is divided between ethnic Russian territory, which is most of Russia, and small reservations set aside for indigenous people. When Chechens and other indigenous people in Russia travel to Moscow and Saint Petersburg, which are in ethnic Russian territory, they get attacked by racist, homophobic thugs because they entered ethnic Russian territory. Russian culture is hyper-masculine, militaristic, imperialist, violent and homophobic. For Russian culture to maintain itself it must oppress homosexuals because homosexual men are feminine and Russian culture is masculine. The homophobia in Russia is part of the same oppression that is directed at indigenous people. Those are the reasons why we should not care if we offend Russians with boycotts and protests.


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