Demonization of Islam and Orientalism in Western media

by Jasmina Eminic

In the late seventies, Edward Said published his prominent work Orientalism, in which he, among other things, exposed and criticized western inaccurate attitudes and portrayals of Orient cultures. More than thirty years later, his work fits in current media and society frenzy perfectly, as we are witnessing intensive process of demonizing Islam and its followers throughout western hemisphere.
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Neo-colonialism In Nigeria, Why Nigeria Is Rich, But Many Nigerians Are Poor

by Farnsworth
Neo-Colonialism resembles indirect rule because the colonized seems to be independent but its economic system and political policy are controlled from outside. However, Neo-Colonialism is more dangerous because of its system of operation, which leads to poor development and economic dependent on the countries involved. In contemporary Nigeria today, neo-colonialism is a mighty obstacle which prevents the countries from experiencing meaningful development. This research seminar work at the end intends to help contemporary Nigerians to know the negative impacts Neo-colonialism has created in Nigeria and how best to tackle it, for a better change and rapid development in this country, Nigeria.
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Africa’s “Second Liberation” against Today’s Neo-Colonialism
On Monday March 25, many African Government offices, businesses and banks grind to a halt in order to commemorate Africa Day. In schools up and down the continent, little children are taught that heroic Africans liberated the continent from racist white colonial regimes and various events and parades are held to celebrate the occasion.

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